Den & Bonnie Hussey

We love to travel and when we travel we love to run -- crazy, we know! We have a goal to run a race in every state in the U.S.  We love our family -- especially -- our grandkids (even though Bonnie is obviously not old enough for grandkids!) The Saints and LSU are our favorite teams, which means we're strongly committed to our dislike of the Atlanta Falcons and University of Alabama.

And, we LOVE Crossing Place Church!

What do they do at our church?

Den and Bonnie serve as our fearless leaders -- a role they've filled since 2011. As lead pastors, they directly lead and develop our core leadership team. Along with communicating in our services, they are agents of change and growth for our organization! They vision-cast and lead our church under the direction and inspiration of the Holy Spirit all the while having fun in the process.