Relationships First: Loving Our Enemies

Day 7: Matthew 5:43-48

But I say, love your enemies!

Let’s be honest. That’s a tough thing to do. Love people like myself, love people I consider worthy of it, even loving people different or opposite of me -- sure. But, love my enemies? Love the people that oppose me? That’s a tough request.

There is a profound theme throughout the Bible and within the character of God. This theme is grace. Grace is something given that is often undeserved. God’s grace goes beyond just convenience and reaches out to those in desperate need of it, even if those individuals are not aware of it themselves.

We love each other because he loved us first.” – 1 John 4:19

There is something powerful that happens when we receive the love of Christ. We become empowered to love others.

When we’ve been on the receiving end of something we don’t deserve, something that we didn't earn, it begins to change our perspective. It begins to change us on the inside. Because we’ve been loved, we can then love in return.

Jesus loved us first, He set the example. When we experience this type of grace, it begins to blur the lines of who we believe deserves grace or not. Grace becomes an action. This action is love -- an action not just towards those who we believe deserve it. Instead, it becomes a part of our DNA. If we didn’t deserve it, who are we to decide who deserves it or not?

Love is not just a feeling, or an emotion, but an action. It’s an action that doesn't just think or sit quietly on the side lines. Love is active. Love does.

Ask yourself today:  As we consider the grace we’ve been given today, what are ways we can extend the same grace, and put it to action by loving the least loveable?