Relationships First: Family

Day 3: Ephesians 5:21-33

Submission. The mere mention of the word causes many in today’s culture to wince and cringe.  Visions of some backwoods non-shaven man wearing a sleeveless white t-shirt expecting his wife to submit and be obedient to him in their relationship run rampant through minds. 

Sometimes others wonder in horror if that is what we Christians believe. But is THAT what this verse is meaning?  Simply put... nope. 

In our relationships -- with God, with our spouses, with our children and other family members -- selfishness is a major problem. A primary point in the spiritual ethics of the Gospel is humility.  Jesus demonstrated humility. He demonstrated serving others. We are taught in Scripture to be humble and place the needs of others ahead of our own.

Selfishness is an obstacle to love. In the 3rd chapter of John, John uses imagery of a wedding to teach us about God’s love and our love in response to Him. John writes:

He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30)

Selfishness is successfully defeated in our lives when we put our own motives, desires, and needs to the side in order to love someone else and meet their needs first! This passage in Ephesians shows us that inside our families we should mutually submit to each other. In doing so, we are able to remove the obstacle of selfishness!

What this verse teaches us to do is profound. We are to demonstrate and model the same kind of love that God shows to us. We are to submit to one another, loving each other enough to deny ourselves and place our loved ones in a high esteem.  What a beautiful picture of love! 

Ask yourself today: Pray and ask God to show you the ways in which you can be selfless and meet each of your family members’ needs individually.