Living Out First: Keep Moving

Day 10: 2 Peter 1:3-11

I am constantly in awe of God’s provision in our lives. Simply through our relationship with Him, we now have access to his extravagant promises. While a promise can be given, it’s still takes two sides to see it come to pass. In essence, a promise must also be received.

Thanks to Peter’s letter, we can be confident that as we respond to God’s promises we will become more like Him. This transformational process from the inside out is called sanctification. In essence, it’s our core value of Keep Moving wrapped up in one fancy word.

It’s not something that happens within a day, a week or a year. It’s a makeover within our hearts and minds that begins at salvation and continues until the day we see Jesus face to face.

Peter charges believers to make every effort to respond to God’s promises, to fulfill our side of the deal. He then gives this statement…

“Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence….”

Wait – hold on for a second. How in the world can you supplement your faith? Is there anything that can actually take the place of faith? What could even compare as a substitute?

In further study, let’s not think of supplement equaling substitute, but rather let’s think of vitamins. Yes. You didn’t read that wrong. Vitamins.

We take vitamins to ensure our body has the right nutrients it needs to be healthy and grow. For example, I already have Vitamin C in my body, but I’ll take a vitamin to ensure I’m adding to what I already have. Can you see the big picture yet?

For any Christian, the path to the likeness of Christ begins with faith. Simply put though, this isn’t where our journey ends. To respond to God’s promises, we should add to that faith. We should supplement to the foundation of faith with other characteristics that make us productive and useful for God’s Kingdom.

Faith does not equal moral excellence. Rather, let’s view it as an additive equation.

Faith + Moral Excellence + Knowledge + Self-Control + Patient Endurance + Godliness + Brotherly Affection + Love for Everyone = Becoming more like Jesus

In this way, we make ourselves grow, productive and useful. It is through this way that we Keep Moving.

Ask yourself today: Starting with faith, what have you added into your life that proves you’ve responded to God? And then, what should you begin to add in your life now?