Living Out First: Love People

Day 9: John 13:33-35

In this passage, we witness Jesus speaking to his disciples during the Last Supper. He commands them to love one another just as He loves them. When you think about it, this is technically an even greater command than “love your neighbor as you love yourself," which we hear from Jesus in the Gospels.

To love someone with the same sacrificial love as Jesus seems impossible, but it is this kind of love that brings people to the freedom that is found in Christ. It is through Him that we are able to give the love and grace to others that He so freely gives to us.

It is our duty as Christians to love others despite how they act, what they do, or how they treat us. Peter and Judas are perfect examples of the love of Christ. Peter proudly told Jesus that he would die for him. Jesus replied “I tell you the truth, Peter—this very night, before the rooster crows, you will deny three times that you even know me” (Matthew 26:34). Jesus knew in advance that Peter would denounce him but chose to love him and die for him anyway.

Jesus also knew that Judas was only following Him for political gain and that he was going to betray him for silver. Judas was one of the twelve original disciples. He should have been someone Jesus could trust. Even though Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him, Jesus chose to love him and die for him anyway.

Ask yourself today: If you knew in advance all of the mistakes your loved ones were going to make, would you choose to love them regardless?

As we see with Peter and Judas, Jesus chose to love them. He did not love them because they were perfect or deserved it; rather, He loved them through their imperfections. Let’s choose today to follow the example of Jesus and love people with no strings attached.