Giving Our First: Offering

Day 16: Luke 21:1-4

In our story today found in Luke, Jesus found himself at the Temple in an area called the Court of the Women. This moment was quite intentional. It happened just at the perfect time!

Within the Court of the Women (where the Jewish women were permitted to worship) is where the treasury was also located. There were boxes in the front where worshipers would come to bring their offerings and the Temple taxes.

The poor woman we find in the story was doing this very thing. Being without a husband, she had no means of any substance, so her gift was truly a sacrifice. Still – she gave it anyway.

Jesus made a point of contrasting this widow, who gave ALL she had, with the way most of us handle our offerings. We sometimes can consider giving a percentage of our income as a great accomplishment.

Through this, we can sometimes come to resemble those who gave out of their wealth within the same story. Jesus admiringly makes mention of this widow’s generous, sacrificial offering. As believers, we too should consider increasing our giving -- whether of our money, time, or any of our numerous talents to a point beyond our convenience or comfort.

Remember this today -- God himself doesn't need our money, time or talents. He is God after all. What he does need though is for us to be carriers of his nature in light and likeness, trusting Him with our whole lives. This includes our finances!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” – John 3:16

And He gave… and He gave… and He gave some more. He graciously gives us all that we need every day. God first gave his best and only Son. Not let’s first give our best in return in every area of our life.

Ask yourself today: How can I better be a benefit to both the Kingdom and to others with what God has given me?