Relationships First: Time With God

Day 1: John 3:30-35

There’s a song I love to listen to called, “Learning to Lean on Jesus.” Well, it sounds a lot easier than it really is. God has given each of us a powerful mind.

Unfortunately, the down side to that is we don’t always want to do things the perfect way – or rather, His way. Our decisions usually point us out when we are being self-serving. We don’t always listen to God’s Spirit when He speaks, and that can show up in our actions. The remaining fact is the problem is not God.

The problem is yet to be worked out in us.

"He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less." - John 3:30

A relationship with God is listening to that still small voice that He has put inside of us. It’s pushing aside our own opinions and hearing what He has to say. Sometimes it comes loudly, and we still don’t listen.

A relationship of any kind, between husband, wife, kids or friends, takes work and time. It’s the same way with God. In order to hear His voice, we must intentionally practice it. Eventually, it becomes more natural for us over time.

God is faithful, and He will never let us down.

We must have faith in Him and trust. Our timing is not the same as His. When going through difficult times, we may feel overwhelmed or miss the big picture of what God is doing in our lives. Still, we can reflect on that fact that He sees and knows all. His ways are so much greater than ours.

Let Him know your concerns today, small or large. The Lord is there for us always.

Ask yourself today: When was the last time I took a moment to listen to God speak to me?