The first step can sometimes be the most difficult. Our Growth Track is designed to make it simple. The Growth Track is the first step for you to connect and get to know our church better. 

Throughout each session you'll learn more about our church and ways to get more involved. We also have personality and spiritual gift tests to help you identify your purpose and passions!

Here are our next session dates:

Saturday, September 21: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

While registration is not required, feel free to sign-up below so we can expect your arrival and attendance! Also, feel free to send any questions or comments as well. We do provide food and childcare.

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I think we would all agree that making a difference in our community and in our world is a pretty big deal! Our team of individuals who embody the statement "making a difference" is our Dream Team. Our Dream Team consist of team members who serve in various capacities within the church and community to create a positive experience.

The Bible talks about all of us having a special role within the church (Ephesians 4:16) to make a difference. Every team member is a "10" and every team is just as important as the next one!

To join a team, simply attend and complete the Growth Track to be connected to an area of passion where you can start serving.