Let's face it. We understand the task to get kids ready for church. We understand the struggle of the idea to drop them off and leave them for 60 minutes. With that in mind, we're completely dedicated about creating a fun, awesome and safe experience for your kids.

We have age specific classes that range from newborns to 10-year-olds. 

When you walk through the main entrance to the Student Center, we have a kids check-in area equipped with our kids teams. At the check-in, we'll add your kids to our database, give you a confirmation badge (for security), and we will show you to their room. 

After main service, you simply go back to the same room and pickup your child -- again through a process facilitated with our Crossing Place Kids team!


Nursery (Main Auditorium): 6 weeks to 3-years-old

Spark (Student Center): 3 to 5-years-old

Crossing Place Kids (Student Center Auditorium): 6 to 10-years-old.


Nursery (Main Auditorium): Newborn to 3-years-old

mPact Girls (Student Center - Resource Room 1 & 2): 3 to 10-years-old various age - appropriate classes

Royal Rangers (Student Center - Resource Room 3): 3 to 10-years-old various age - appropriate classes