Matt & Kayla Marcantonio

We love everything purple and gold (Geaux Tigers) and we have an unhealthy obsession with our dog, Louie. We love taking trips, especially to Disney, and then there's ice cream -- a food that only God could have created. We love talking about going to the gym, reading from time-to-time, watching our few favorite shows, and rooting for the greatest team in the NFL -- the New England Patriots. Although we love a lot of things, nothing brings us greater joy than our daughter Madison Nola.

What do they do at our church?

Matt and Kayla help people go from one to point to another -- we call that taking a next step. Kayla leads avenues of care, which main vehicles are: small groups, prayer, and compel (hospital) teams. Kayla also is one of our main Sunday and Wednesday communicators throughout the year.

Matt leads the Dream Team along with handling day-to-day church operations and team building and development with the pastoral and support staff.