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Court Appointed Special Advocate Info Group

Leader: Chasity Morales

Day & Time: Last Wednesday of the Month at 7:45 PM

Location: Student Center - Resource Room 3 (view map)

Childcare: No

Who: Women - Men - Co-ed

The CASA information group will meet the last Wednesday of the month @7:45 pm. A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer is a trained citizen who is appointed by a judge to represent the best interests of a child in court. Children helped by CASA volunteers are victims of abuse and neglect. 

CASA volunteers come from all walks of life and possess variety of professional, educational and ethnic backgrounds. Please join us to receive detailed information from CASA. Feel free to invite a friend you think may be intrested.

Event Planning (Christmas in the Park)

Leader: Samantha Hussey

Day & Time: Scheduled Meetings (4) on Tuesday Nights

Location: Student Center - Main Auditorium

Childcare: No

Who: Women - Men - Co-ed

This group is the brain trust and creativity behind the Christmas in the Park. This team will lead and serve at the event while having four meetings to handle all administration and logistics for the event. People who love the community with a skillset of organization and creativity would fit in well with this group!

Intercessory Prayer

Leader: Michelle Hoggatt

Day & Time: Every Sunday at 8:00 or 10:30 AM (it rotates)

Location: Main Building - Mechanical Room (view map)

Childcare: No

Who: Women - Men - Co-ed

When it comes to prayer, most of us probably feel exactly like the disciples. We're looking to Jesus saying, "Could you teach me what to say?" The passion and want is there, but we get caught up on the exact words to say. 

Experience is the greatest teacher. This will not be a classroom setting where we study prayer. Instead, we will learn from each other, lift each other up and join together in pray for others as well.

No one will be put on spot to pray out loud, so don't be worried. Pray quietly or out loud. This is a faith-filled passion that brings us together in the best of ways: in unity and Christ.

The Purple Lemon

Leaders: Stacey Lancaster and Kim Carrier

Day & Time: TBD - Scheduled Weekly Meetings

Location: Old Rue 21 Building in the St. Mary Shopping Center (directions)

Childcare: No

Who: Women - Men - Co-ed

The Purple Lemon, modeled after The Hub in Shreveport, is a non-profit serving the needs of poverty and lower income families in our community. Our mission is to bring hope and restoration by providing for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

In addition to providing hot meals, we use a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” system in which points can be earned to purchase personal items, household items, and clothing. There will be many opportunities to serve.

Our immediate need is help with sorting, tagging, stocking, and working the thrift store during business hours. We will give more information on our mission at our initial meeting 5:30 before service on Wednesday, August 28 the lobby of the new building. After our initial meeting we will have a sign-up sheet for our volunteers to work on days and times that are best for them.