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Being alone stinks. We get it. Small Groups were created for the sole purpose of being together. We believe God created us for connection, not only with Him, but with each other as well. We understand life can be busy and having down time with friends is the last thing on our minds -- we want to change that!

Current Semester: Fall

Length: 10 weeks from September 1-November 10. Open attendance: you can join or leave at any time during the semester.

Let’s break down the different types of groups:

  1. Passion Groups fit your passions in life.

  2. Next Step Groups are those ready to learn or take next steps in faith.

  3. Marriage & Family Groups are for the relationships closest to you.

  4. Pray & Serve Groups are for those with a heart open for others.

  5. Freedom Groups those looking for freedom in their every day lives. Only offered the Fall and Spring Semesters

Click on each hub to view the groups and their descriptions!